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What is 'retraining' ?

'Retraining' is short for rehabilitation training. This means that an athlete continues to train for his or her sport, even during the rehabilitation period. The rehabilitation period will no longer be a period of inactivity or inability, but become an opportunity for improving weaknesses and further development of the athlete. This however, is a very specific and individual process that needs to be closely monitored to obtain optimal results.


Why 'retraining' ?


  • Athlete in retraining = developing athlete
    Each athlete, independent from his sport, has set his goals. An athlete always wants to win, be faster, jump higher and become better. An injury however, is never part of the plan and although unwanted,  an athlete needs to change his goals. During retraining, we will keep working on the individual goals of the athlete in addition to strengthening the weaknesses so that the development of the athlete doesn’t stop.
  • Athlete in retraining = part of a team
    Injured athletes often lose their place on the team or feel lonely or sad. This applies to individual athletes as well. They feel alone, miss the training intensity and are hungry for competition. Therefore, retraining strives to closely approach the original training situation and aims to integrate the athlete as much as possible in the team. This implicates that retraining should happen at the club or in the normal environment of the athlete to avoid isolation and shorten the integration process after the rehabilitation.
  • Athlete in retraining = individual
    Each athlete has his own character, own motivation and his own profile. Retraining wants to approach the athlete in all these areas to optimally provide the athlete with trainingsolutions.
  • Athlete in retraining remains an athlete!!
    The primary goal of retraining will always be to offer the best possible training to the athlete in the given situation and train as specific as possible to create an athlete who is stronger, better and faster when he returns to play.

Retraining is an individual and sport specific process. It is important to work together with the trainer and the entourage of the athlete to create a retraining plan that optimally satisfies all the needs.


Our experience:

Wim Driesen has many years of experience in daily practice. He has already helped recover many professional athletes in his practice and was physiotherapist of Asse-Lennik, a professional volleybalteam at the highest level in Belgium. He is also a certified Osteopathist and manual therapist (Dos Winkel).

Jo Verschueren is the retrainer of the 'Vlaamse Topsportschool Volleybal', where he works every day with Belgium’s biggest Volleybaltalents and national teams, for example the 'Golden Girls' who won the Gold medal at the first Youth Olympic Games and won the European Junior Championships in 2009.  He is a certified physiotherapist with a specialization in Sports Physiotherapy (VUB). He also works at the 'Vrije Universiteit Brussel', where he teaches and performs research in the field of sport sciences, and where he is a member of BLITS (Brussels Lab for Human Performance and Elite Sports). Jo was also the physiotherapist of the National Junior Men team at the European Championships in Belorussia and of the 'Vlaamse Beloftenteam', who were crowned champions in first national division in 2010.

Both physiotherapist have developed themselves in the field of sport- and orthopedic physiotherapy using their proper sport experiences. Together they form a compatible team with experience in a broad range of sports.


  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Track and field
  • Fitness
  • Table-tennis
  • ...


Our offer:

We offer retraining to interested clubs & athletes. Arrangments need to be made accoring to the specific needs of the club or athlete. Please contact us for further information.

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